We asked Jason Luijckx (Senior Partnership Manager at Team Liquid) about his experience participating in the Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Challenge at the University of Utrecht organised by Master Challenge.

How companies and students experience the “Survival Challenge”

The current corona crisis is seriously affecting all of us, but it also proves to be fertile ground for many wonderful initiatives. Neighbors help each other out. Students assist secondary school pupils and, with help from the Master Challenge platform, university students also help local businesses to get through the crisis during the “Survival Challenge”.

Organized by MasterChallenge, almost 40 students from the University of Amsterdam formed teams of two to four and have been matched with 14 companies that are in need of some help due to the corona crisis. …

Efficiently linking theory to practice within a course is often a challenge. One of the ways to do this is challenge-based learning, where companies submit challenges that are solved by students as part of a course. This form of education is rapidly gaining popularity. However, challenge-based learning has, at least, one big challenge for educators: organizing it takes a lot of time. Searching for challenges and carefully matching them to your students requires a time investment that might even hinder you from organizing challenge-based learning at all.

“Great idea, but where do I find the time?”

As an educator, you…

Master Challenge

Masterchallenge.me is a triple win real-life challenge platform for students, educators and companies.

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