How companies and students experience the “Survival Challenge”

The current corona crisis is seriously affecting all of us, but it also proves to be fertile ground for many wonderful initiatives. Neighbors help each other out. Students assist secondary school pupils and, with help from the Master Challenge platform, university students also help local businesses to get through the crisis during the “Survival Challenge”.

Organized by MasterChallenge, almost 40 students from the University of Amsterdam formed teams of two to four and have been matched with 14 companies that are in need of some help due to the corona crisis. Those companies needed help with online marketing, applying for the right governmental support and new ways to create revenue.

What companies think

The support from the students and Master Challenge comes just at the right time for the participating companies. As Mark van Wezel, CEO of matchmaking platform for freelancers in the catering and event industry Jobdex puts it: “Our sector has been hit hard and we all must think about a creative pivot in order to keep on going.”. Sybren Brands, owner of KnappeKoppen, is happy that the Survival Challenge brings students and companies even closer together and hopes that solving “the problems of today with the talent of tomorrow, will help his company to survive this crisis”.

And what do the students think?

That students are more than happy to help companies during these times, becomes clear from their motivations to join the Survival Challenge. The team of Lina, Iza, Mark, and Jorren thought it was a good idea to put the theory they learned at university into practice and “help companies that are struggling in these difficult times”. Céline and Jolie wanted to participate “to put the theory we learn at university into practice, so we can gain more experience for future jobs. It’s also great that we can do this while helping a company get through the corona crisis”. Maie and Sofyan also wanted to “contribute something in these harsh times, but did not really find a fitting way until we saw Master Challenge”. Additionally, joining the survival challenge seemed like “a great opportunity to also gain some practical experience”.

What about the matches?

The student and companies have been matched with the help of the Master Challenge matching algorithm and are working together for a week now. So far with great success. Natalie Meyer is CEO of Tokyoesque, a market research and localization agency that connects the European and Japanese markets. When asking about whether she is happy with her matched team so far, she answers “Yes, they all have experience in East Asia which is exactly what we focus on”. No surprise, as her team named Tokyoesque their “favorite company”. Jobdex is also happy with their team as they are “intelligent, assertive and thinking along greatly” and is looking forward to working with them during the upcoming time.

Master Challenge is thankful to facilitate another great initiative during these challenging times and happy to see how the platform’s matching algorithm brings real value to both companies and students. Best of luck to all participants and that you may leave this crisis stronger than you entered it.