How Team Liquid experienced participating in the Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Challenge

We asked Jason Luijckx (Senior Partnership Manager at Team Liquid) about his experience participating in the Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Challenge at the University of Utrecht organised by Master Challenge.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid is one of the biggest teams in the world of esports (competitive video gaming). A truly global sports organization comparable to the biggest names you know, founded and headquartered in Utrecht, with additional headquarters in Los Angeles and staff all over the world. Team Liquid has the most athletes, tournament wins and prize money earned of any team in esports and has been the most-watched esports team for multiple years in a row.

🔍 What was your challenge about?

“The world of esports is growing rapidly, which brings its fair share of challenges and opportunities. Innovation is key to staying on top of these challenges and seizing the opportunities. Team Liquid has been leading the industry in terms of innovation for years thanks to our strong partnerships and collaborations, including our 10 year partner Dell. One of the next frontiers for innovation is the training and coaching of our athletes, which we believe could, aside from improve our athletes’ performance, also bring new business opportunities. We asked the Master Challenge team to look into opportunities for Team Liquid to innovate in the training field — based on learnings from traditional sports — and what opportunities that innovation could bring us.”

👩‍🎓 What was your experience with the students?

“Fantastic! Our Master Challenge team came from a diverse, international background which really helped bring different perspectives and creative ideas. They were committed, always on time with everything, and communicated very well. I’m sure they have a bright future ahead of them!”

💡 Will you be implementing the solutions provided by the students?

“Yes. I believe both their personal backgrounds and their school and career learnings contributed to the solutions they proposed, which were out-of-the-box and very helpful. It provided us with a perspective that we had not considered, but will be helpful moving forward.”

⏱ How much time did you invest in the program?

“In a non-COVID world I would have imagined spending more time with the team face-to-face at our office; they were able to come over and spend the afternoon just once before the measures started, and it was a very inspiring session for all of us. I think we completed all the ‘required’ work with under 10 hours of my time, but I ended up spending about 20 total over the course of the Challenge with an additional 10 hours total from my colleagues, as I wanted to be involved and make sure we went above and beyond to get them everything they needed.”

👍 Would you recommend the program to other companies? If so, why?

“For sure! The investment cost (both financially and time wise) was minor, and in exchange we received a plethora of good ideas, out-of-the-box thinking and just overall excitement, that is helping us drive our initiatives forward in a better way. The students were very autonomous and did not require much guidance or hand-holding from our side, which meant the Master Challenge ended up being a great addition to our project that worked out very well. I believe it’s a low-risk, high-reward initiative that would be useful to most companies!”

✅ Any advice for companies participating in the future?

“Make sure to loop in any relevant co-workers early in the process, so that they’re familiar with what the team is working on and can contribute their knowledge. This worked out very well for us in for example a Focus Group the Master Challenge team hosted for us where we ended up looping in a selection of colleagues that were not directly involved with the project, and the combined expertise drove a successful collaboration and lots of ideation.”

Thank you 🙏 so much, Jason!

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