The biggest challenge of challenge-based learning for educators

Efficiently linking theory to practice within a course is often a challenge. One of the ways to do this is challenge-based learning, where companies submit challenges that are solved by students as part of a course. This form of education is rapidly gaining popularity. However, challenge-based learning has, at least, one big challenge for educators: organizing it takes a lot of time. Searching for challenges and carefully matching them to your students requires a time investment that might even hinder you from organizing challenge-based learning at all.

“Great idea, but where do I find the time?”

As an educator, you want to teach your students relevant theories, but also the necessary practical skills. Giving them hands-on experience with challenges of their future employers does not only improve their resumés, but also your course evaluations. Why? Students appreciate it if they can work on something that is not only relevant for you as lecturer but also for companies. However, if you want to make challenge-based learning a success you want to provide students with a wide variety of challenges and you want to carefully match the challenges to the students. Ideally, you want teams to be very motivated to work on their challenges and that the companies are happy with their assigned team. This requires you to collect the preferences from both sides and use these preferences to make perfect matches. However, this takes time. A lot of time.

To solve this problem, we are developing a platform to automatize the process of recruiting real-life challenges and carefully matching them to students.

Solving your “Stable Marriage Problem”

Meet MasterChallenge! A hassle-free platform for educators to find real-life company challenges and easily match them to their students. The platform uses the “Stable Marriage Problem Algorithm”. A “Stable Marriage Problem” occurs when trying to match the members of different sets who indicated their preferences for each other.

In your dedicated ‘challenge space’ you indicate what kind of challenges and companies you’re looking for in your course. Companies can submit their challenges and students submit their team information. Both sides indicate their preferences. The algorithm runs through all possible matches and gives you the optimal matches within a few seconds. Where earlier this process took you hours or even days this is now done in a click. And the best part? It’s free to use for educators and students.

Want to learn more? Visit for more information. is a triple win real-life challenge platform for students, educators and companies.